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This is our own selection: a very special Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Extravecchio aged over 36 years in various wood barrels. The elegant bottle is a good idea for a present, but also to decorate your own table!


To use as food condiment to enhance every meal! It is very concentrated, so you need only a few drops to get a wonderful flavor. Try it on everything, you will be surprised how the Black Gold of Modena can bring a touch of magic to simple food like Parmesan cheese, risotto, pasta, meat, fish, smoked salmon, strawberries, fruit salad or ice cream. The Italian grannies are also taking a tea spoon of aged Balsamico after a rich meal to help digestion thanks to the smooth tannins.


Check our blog for tips and recipes given directly from Italian cooks!

Balsamico Extravecchio 50ml

SKU: BE-50
  • Cokked grape must aged for many years in various wood barrels.

    Do no keep in the fridge, Balsamico is a natural product and it may solidify if not at room temperature. If it happens, just warm it up for a few minutes and it will turn liquid again

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