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Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP aged over 12 years in various wood barrels. This product is certified by the Modena Consortium and has been approved for sale with the DOP label.


To use as food condiment to enhance every meal! It is very concentrated, so you need only a few drops to get a wonderful flavor. Try it on everything, you will be surprised how the Black Gold of Modena can bring a touch of magic to simple food like Parmesan cheese, risotto, meat, fish, strawberries, fruit salad or ice cream. The Italian grannies are also taking a tea spoon of aged Balsamico after a rich meal to help digestion thanks to the smooth tannins.


Check our blog for tips and recipes given directly from Italian cooks!

Balsamico Affinato DOP 100ml

SKU: AF-100
  • Ingredients: cooked grape must aged for many years in various wood barrels.

    Do no keep in the fridge, Balsamico is a natural product and it may solidify if not at room temperature. If it happens, just warm it up for a few minutes and it will turn liquid again.

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